Home Chef Quality Assurance Tech in Lithonia, Georgia

Summary of Position:

Quality Assurance Associates inspect and monitor quality of in-process food production such as, consistencies, counts, weights, compliance with food quality control and sanitation standards and procedures.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Review meal assignment and meal QA sheet

Verify QA Sheet and recipe card ingredients and portions match, using computer


Perform visual inspection during labeling process (including bottles, jars, bags) for proper placement of label, correct name of product and/or ingredient per Q.A. sheets


  • Issue correct Q.A. samples to production team leads/production associates prior to production, utilizing QA sheets to ensure correct portion amount for the specific ingredient being portioned

  • Issue the proper measuring equipment (i.e. scales, measuring spoons, measuring cups, spatulas, pumps) and train production team leads and associates on proper measurement using the equipment

  • Conduct hourly visual inspections of portioned ingredients for accuracy (for critical ingredients, inspections must occur every 30 minutes)

    Meal bagging

  • Utilizing Q.A. Sheets, verify proper meal bag line setup:

  • Verify that all ingredients required for the meal are present

  • Confirm ingredient amounts with production team leads and associates (particularly for ingredients that require multiples)

  • At all times: work with production team leads and production associates to correct any problems, and document all issues. If necessary, work with QA supervisor to resolve problems

  • End of shift checks

Boxing inspections

QA random inspections: accurately document inspection results on inspection sheets, communicate results to production manager/team lead hourly


  • Coordinate calibration of test equipment (scales) and replace batteries when required

  • Collect all utensils, clean and put in proper location within the Q.A. office.

  • Clean Q.A. Office to maintain cleanliness


Education, Training, Skills and Experience Requirements:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent

  • Must have good English written and verbal communication skills

  • Good arithmetic skills are required

  • Mechanical aptitude desired

  • Working knowledge of measurement instruments, (i.e., measuring spoons, scales, measuring cups)

  • Attention to detail


Vacation, Sick pay, 401k, Medical, Dental, Vision, STD, LTD, and Life