Georgia Employer PERSONAL CARE AIDE (PCA) in Lakeland, Georgia

* Provide personal care for elderly people, people with disabilities. * Help provide dependent adults with dignity, safety, daily assistance. * Aid clients in bathing, toilet use, personal grooming, dressing. * Assist clients with basic movements and mobility * Help perform simple strength and ROM exercises * Perform basic housekeeping tasks * Help with home organization tasks like paying bills, reading mail, making calls. * Plan and fixed appropriate meals * Monitor client health and medication intake * Teach clients to manage their condition(s) * Provide emotional support and companionship to clients * Talk and socialized * Transport patients to and fro doctor visits, personal appointments, social activities. * Keep records of client conditions. * Report problems to supervisors. * Confer with other care providers to best address client needs * Comply with health and safety rules * Comply with client confidentiality policies * Experienced working with the elderly, Alzheimer's or dementia patients, people in rehab, clients with major illnesses. * Certified in CPR * Certified Nursing Assistant