Georgia Employer MANUFACTURING OPERATOR in Hartwell, Georgia

Set-up and operate Acme and New Britian Screw Machines to produce rods. Operator will set up the cutting tools (5 cutting stations and 1 feed-up station) to specific tolerances and measurement specifications. The incumbent participates in the company's quality initiatives including, but not limited to: TS/ISO certification and maintenance of quality systems in place. The incumbent participates in the company's safety programs by ensuring a safe and clean working environment, timely reporting of any safety violations, timely reporting of any workplace incidents or injuries, and effective housekeeping. Responsibilities: 1. High school diploma or equilavent required (if outside hire). 2. Able to read,write and comprehend the English language. 3. Able to perform basic mathematical functions, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. 4. Ability to complete training program required for certification for assigned machines